Memberships & Volunteers

Membership with the Friends of the Motherwell Homestead allow the holder to become involved with the organization on a more regular basis. Members are updated on events and operations of the Friends and also have the opportunity to sit on our Board of Directors. Different membership options are available, each with its own benefits:

  • Corporate Membership can be purchased for $25 per year. Corporate members will have their business card or contact information published on the website.
  • Regular Membership can be purchased for individuals for $15 and is valid for three years. Holders of regular memberships receive a 10% discount in our gift shop and kitchen.
  • Lifetime Membership can be purchased for $50. Holders of lifetime membership receive a 10% discount in the gift shop and kitchen.

Memberships can be purchased at the café kitchen, in the Visitors’ Centre or by mail.  A receipt will be issued and regular and lifetime members will receive a membership card. If you have any questions please contact us.

Attn: High School and University students

  • New resume opportunities coming soon!

We would love to have you on board!

Why be a Friends director?

(You do not have to hold a title such as secretary or treasurer to join.)

*Various term lengths to choose from: 1 year, 2 year and 3 year

*Only one meeting per month.

  • Can’t make the meeting in person? No Problem! We’ll conference call with you. (This also means that you do not need to live in the area to take part)

*Volunteer hours are entirely flexible.

  • There are several roles to fill so we work this as a team!
  • Remember, you do not have to attend every event.
  • There are other roles for board members and new input is just as important as the events themselves.

*We support a very unique, Nationally recognized site that is not only historically important but is a part of the tourism draw for the area.

  • We provide employment for area students, and adults.
  • We support local, including having Sask products in the gift shop
  • Partner with other local organizations on projects and events, and we want to do more.
  • The facility we are based out of is newly renovated, including a brand new commercial kitchen and a very welcoming, home style dining area. And we are continuing to work with Parks Canada on even more improvements.

*We have a lot of fun! We get to be a part of some very neat projects and offer some awesome services, all made possible by the great community players surrounding us, especially Parks Canada.

* Not sure? Please Contact us for details… we are changing things up this year and we’d genuinely love to have you on our board!  friendsofthemotherwellhomestead@hotmail.com

*Available board positions: directors

Volunteers – Many hands make for light work…  & lots of fun!

We are looking at doing some fun new things with our fantastic volunteers… stay tuned!

Enjoy your time with us? Volunteer!

Volunteers needed! 

We know the community is very busy so when someone offers a couple hours at even one event, or a donation of a dessert or salad, it is much appreciated!

Choose from our events: one big and one smaller in August,

Or Choose from one of our smaller dates: Christmas Craft Sale, Christmas meal, and possibly holiday brunches such as Valentines and Mother’s/Father’s Day.

Throughout the years, the Friends have been involved with many fundraisers and events over and above every day operations and catering including Parks Canada lead events as well as Friends lead events. Some of the most recent include, but definitely aren’t limited to: Binding and Stooking/Annual Concert in the Barnyard, Parks Day, a Fort Qu’Appelle Farmers Market booth, mini farmer’s markets on site, film nights, pie/item auctions, Christmas Craft Sale, and Pampered Chef @ Motherwell Fundraiser.
Volunteers have always been the foundation of the Friends and will continue to be as the Friends grow and evolve in fulfilling their purpose.





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