2018 Schedule of Events!


A Taste of the Homestead: August 11, 2018

Help us prepare for harvest with all hands on activities and field work with horses!

  • It’s Binding & Stooking day!
  • Come enjoy a ‘Taste of Motherwell’. A new take on the appreciation of the cultivation and culture of local food.
  • It’s the day to follow the trail of food from farm to plate.


Symphony Under the Sky Festival:

Saturday, August 25, 2018 

2017 had 3100+ visitors!
Join us at this four part festival as we work hard to make this year the best yet!
  • Some events and activities for the day include:
  • Opening acts: stay tuned!
  • Regina Symphony Orchestra on the grand stage
  • Try Bushwakker Brewpub’s Red Fife Witbier – A Motherwell Homestead and Bushwakker exclusive
  • Threshing demo: Guiness World Record holding team Hart Parr demonstrates
  • Kidzone with new activites!
  • Check out the visitor centre for ‘Imagine a Country’, new gift shop offerings, healthy lunch alternatives and more!
  • Looking for Field 2 Fork exhibitors! Lets show off the great local talent, and offerings! Local artisans, products, produce, and producers (animals), if this might be you contact Krystal at  306.333.2116 or 306.531.9364. Book early!
  • Tickets go on sale in May of 2018! Motherwell Homestead N.H.S.. Bushwakker Brewpub or
 check back closer to the event

*For information on Park’s Canada events and daily admission to all Parks Canada places, contact the Motherwell Homestead at 306.333.2116

* Special event, program or other fees may apply.



harvesting Hope 2016

Congratulations team Motherwell Homestead!

Guinness World Record Holders!

It’s official! July 28-31 2016 team Motherwell joined the Manitoba Agricultural Museum’s Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede in Austin, Manitoba. As part of this spectacular week they were proud to be a part of the Harvesting Hope: A world record to help the hungry, in which a Guinness World Record was set for the most threshing machines threshing at the same time.

Machines needed to be built before 1953, and had to thresh for 15 minutes continually to qualify.75 acres of wheat were threshed by 139 tractor/ threshing machine combinations with the grain collected going to World Food Grains charity. The previous record was set last year with 111 machines stepping up to the task.

Thank you especially to Sheldon and our volunteer team who not only spent the time preparing the equipment for the event, hauling the precious cargo to Austin, but also for being the ‘official crew’ and support team needed to make this happen. Without you it wouldn’t have been possible! Wally Neuman, Wilson Family Farms & Dan Clarke, Baillie Boys Towing, Jim Mann, Brian Wilkes and your families of helpers!



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