Kids Page

Hi Everybody! Welcome to the Kids Page!

A picture is worth a thousand Words:

Take a picture of your family and email it to us or share it on our Facebook page! Please include the special event or day that you took the picture! We enjoy seeing the visitors having fun and you will help encourage others to come visit us too!

Note: By sending the picture to the Friends of the Motherwell you give us your permission to use that image.

              scrinch smile 3


5 Must Do’s @ the Park:

1) Find a Hired Hand and hear a story about the Better Farming Train

 2) Visit the House, and see the Family Bible                                                     

 3) Find the Café and have a home-made dessert,                                              

4) Head out on the Stueck Nature Trail and use the net to catch, inspect then release a critter

5) Take a ‘selfie’ at the garden, the implement shed, the house and the barn to remember all the fun you had!

 april 26 2014 125

Going West:

  • Use a pen and paper to write a short story or poem about a boy or girl living in 1912 at the Motherwell Homestead.
  • It could be about farming, animals, games, then, if you would like, you can send them to us!
  • Make sure to get your parents’ permission, and put your first name and your age on your story. Happy writing!

pencil crayons

If you like drawing or painting, create us a masterpiece showing your favorite part of your visit to the Motherwell!

Again, make sure to get your parents’ permission and help to mail it to us, and put your first name and your age on your picture. Happy creating!


Friends of the Motherwell Homestead Box 252 Abernethy, Saskatchewan S0A 0A0

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