We are an incorporated not-for-profit and charitable organization working in co-operation with Parks Canada to enhance public awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of the historic and cultural resources of the Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site of Canada.

Just 3 kilometers south of the quaint little village of Abernethy, SK

We offer many services, and participate in special events and fundraisers to support projects for the park both on and off site. We really enjoy being an exciting part of the community and spreading the great relevance of this historic national treasure!
The Friends of the Motherwell Homestead was founded in 1984 when a group of interested locals met to discuss the founding of the Friends of the Motherwell Homestead. Over the next several months, the Friends became incorporated and were officially recognized as a co-operating association of a National Historic Site.

Our extraordinary Off the Beaten path Café & Gift Shop is stocked with traditional souvenirs.

We also host and are involved with a number of community events such as our annual Canada Day Mini Carnival and the Abernethy Agricultural Fair and Horse Show.
Volunteers have always been the foundation of the Friends and will continue to be as they grow and evolve in fulfilling their purpose. We would love to have you on board! Maybe you are interested in being a director, helping out at special events, volunteering in day to day operations, or wanting to offer something different??
Contact us- we’d genuinely love to hear from you!

Today, we still hold strong to these ideals and do our best to help this National Treasure Shine.

Current Board members:

President Robert Moulding

Secretary/ Vice President– Anne-Marie Moulding

Treasurer –  Jessica Senft


  • Russel “Rusty” Thompson
  • Cody Senft
  • Krystal Baxter

*Great Student Opportunity! Volunteering looks great on a resume! Make a difference in your community in a fun and unique organization!

·         Parks Canada Liaison- Sheldon Matsalla


-Board members do not have to hold a title such as secretary, etc. so if you are interested in giving it a try please contact us for details!

-Different term lengths available.

-Not sure if you can make the meeting in person? You do not have to live in the immediate area to be on the board. Join us via conference call.

First Board members (1983/84): 

President – Bert Garratt·

Vice President – Ian Hartle

Secretary – Carol Bittner

Treasurer – Norma Sanby      


·         Roy Beardon

·         Peggy Burton

·         Marion Lyster

·         Joy McKen

·         Anne Moulding

·         Harry Moulding

·         Parks Canada Liaison- Mike Freer



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